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Welcome to UTA Karate Manchester's Testimonials Page:


As Our Daughter Jasmine has been attending UTA Karate in Manchester for a little over a year now and she enjoys going to every class. She has tried other sports and social events but nothing has seemed to keep her interested. Jasmine is building self-confidence along with strength and discipline. Through our observation, Mr. Klinedinst has lots of patience to deal with so many kids. As the kids build self-confidence, they learn to be leaders and not followers. Come out and take a look for yourself, you will not be dissapointed.          -Kerry and Sheila Mentzer


As a parent of 2 children at UTA Karate Manchester as well as a student myself, I can not express how much the martial arts has effected our lives.  It all started with my son 4 years ago.  Being a single mom with no extended family in the area, I wanted my son to have strong male role models in his life, as well as a sense of self. When my daughter turned five I wanted the same for her, to gain self-confidence and self-control.  I joined just over a year ago to stay active and get healthy.  The Martial arts challenge us every class, and is one of the better decisions we have made in our lives.    - Kristin Howard


As a single parent, Master Klinedinst has been a wonderful role model and teacher for my daughter. He teaches self-discipline, respect and honesty along with self-defense. His school continues to be a life changing experience for us! Master Klinedinst sacrifices his time, for the love of teaching children, family values and Tang Soo Do. He is making a difference in our community one child at a time!       - Amy Fish

We would like to tell you about UTA Karate. Our son has attended class with Master Klinedinst since he was 5. In that time we have come to know the Masters at all of the UTA Schools and are proud to be a part of their total team. In the beginning we had various reasons for wanting our son in Karate. We live in a world of kids being abducted, other kids in school that likes to inflict abuse to others, we wanted our son prepared as much for life as we could possibly do for him and we knew that could only be done with martial arts, at the right place. I knew other sports could not do that for him but a good martial arts place could because martial arts is not seasonal, it's year round. At UTA all students are equal, there is no sitting on a bench of humiliation if you don't measure up to others. You are measured up to your best, not who is best. We went and watched at the class to decide if we wanted to send our son there. We did not want our son going to a place that was mostly tournament/trophy motivated for the main purpose of competition but to gain the true purposes of martial arts. The UTA organization has the reputation and proven performance we wanted our son involved with.

Our son always did things to his best at everything. He was confident when we were with him but lacked some confidence when we were not. It was normal for his age but I wanted to make sure it did not continue. Parenting and UTA has made him a confident person to be proud of to the highest degree and standard. His confidence and the things UTA has helped improve on with the teachings for respect, manners, honor, dignity, discipline, education and doing well in school and any endeavor, etc. helps him to stand out as a refreshing (noticeable different type of person) in school, tournaments and everyday life. A Karate Kid should stand out from others even when not in uniform. Martial arts is not just for how to protect yourself if/when you have to but helps to also mold the mind, fit body and heart to a proud person that has no reason to not be confident. Our son can be at a huge competition of thousands, he is not nervous, we are. Parents needs all of the help they can get with their children in positive ways, UTA is that place. We hope he never needs to use martial arts for protection but we are glad he has learned it and will continue to. Even if he never needs it for protection we like what martial arts has done for him in so many important ways for now and for his future, at UTA, the UTA way.       - Dwight, Eva Blake