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 Remy Presas' su
Welcome to UTA Karate Manchester's Recent News Page

Students Compete at Tournament in Pittsburgh  

New Black Belts Presented October 2011  
Students recently promoted to new Black Belt rank are Master Steven Kearns 5th Dan, Kaycee Klinedinst 3rd Dan, Tyler Schurtz 1st Dan, Nathan Swartz 1st Dan, Annmarie Baker 1st Dan, Jared Freedline 1st Dan, Alyssa McQuaide 1st Dan. Congratulations and a job well done to all the new Black Belts!  

UTA Karate Symposium 2011 a Blast!  
Students who participated were treated to an array of fantastic instruction this year by a tremendous panel of martial artists. There was a great energy present all day long. Instructors this year were left to right: Tom Cussing and Master Brian Zawilinski teaching Modern Arnis, Dan "the Beast" Severn teaching grappling, Master Arlene Limas (1988 U.S.A. Olympic Gold Medalist) teaching Sparring, Master Bruce Steele teaching Haidong Gumdo, Master George Klinedinst teaching Nunchaku, and Master Joe Rickard teaching the Staff. Also pictured is Master Ebaugh, UTA co-founder.

 Manchester Students Participate in Halloween Parade  
Students came out in full force and rocked at the Manchester Halloween Parade.  

Master Klinedinst Teaches Arnis Clinic for Children  
Master Klinedinst taught a high energy Modern Arnis session to a group of eager to learn students. The topics included grappling, traps, weapon disarms and sinwalli drills.  

 UTA Karate Manchester Students Compete at World Championships 2011  
Students from UTA Karate Manchester traveled from York, PA to Disney Contemporary in  Orlando, FL to compete in the 2011 World Tang Soo Do Championships. Details will follow shortly.  

UTA Karate Manchester Students Break Boards for St Jude's  Bringing Total Raised to Over $25,000  
Students from UTA Karate Manchester broke over 1000 boards to bring their total amount raised for the St. Jude's Children Hospital to over $25,000. Great job students you can make a difference!  

Master Klinedinst Receives Induction into Martial arts Hall of Fame  
Earlier this year Master Klinedinst along with Master Ennis were inducted into Martial arts Hall of Fame. The event showcased martial artists from around the nation as well as stars that made their mark on the big screen as well as on the tournament circuit. Some of the other Inductees were Joe Piscopo, Bob Cheezic, Cynthia Rothrock, Joe Louis, Christine Bannon Rodrigues, and Dan Severn.  

Three UTA Karate Students Receive Promotions in Modern Arnis  

Promoted to Level 3 in Philippine Modern Arnis are David Nye(left), Master Steven Kearns(2nd from left), and Walker May(far right). The students have been cross training diligently under KJN Klinedinst's watchful eye for over a year. Modern Arnis is a Philippine stick fighting art that involves extensive joint locks, grappling, trapping, and throws all using empty hand as well as stick. Congratulations and keep up the hard work!


UTA Karate Students Enjoy an Intense 10 hour Training Day with Modern Arnis Master of Tapi Tapi Brian Zawilinski
The energy and focus of the 38 that attended was simply amazing. Master Zawilinski was amazed at the amount of material that was absorbed by the students. Those who were fortunate enough to train with one of Remy Presas' sucessors were treated to an amazing day full of energy, camaraderie, and excitement. Topics of the day included left and right stick fighting entry, hand checking, and trapping, disarms, grappling, locks and throws, right on right and left on right Tapi Tapi. Even after a 10 hour day the students were still sharp and smiling. After the training the students said they could not wait to do it again. Go to the media section to see pictures from the event

Four Students From UTA Karate Manchester Receive New Dan Promotions
The students pictured are Samantha Martson (thirteenth from left), Taylor Moyer (14th from left), and Ryan Howard(15th from left)  All three students received their 2nd Dan promotion. Dave Nye not pictured received 3rd Dan.

Three Students From UTA Karate Manchester Compete at US Open and Bring Home Gold  
 The students who competed in the US Open are Nikki Reandeau(left), Master Steven Kearns(2nd from left), and James Reandeau(far right). The students competed with approximately 3000 competitors to bring their awards back to UTA Karate Mancheser,  York County, PA . The competition involved sparring, breaking, weapons, and forms.  

UTA Karate Manchester Students Compete in World Championships in the Netherlands
 Five students from UTA Karate Manchester, in York County, Pennsylvania, made the USA team and represented our country at the World Championships in Europe. The participants were as follow: (left to right)  KJN George Klinedinst (Assistant team coach), Master Steven Kearns (silver medal), Robbie Bottomley(silver medal), Kaycee Klinedinst, Katie Keefe (silver and gold medals), and Issaiah Shupp (gold medal). The UTA karate students were part of a team consisting of 29 competitors from throughout the United States. The students and their parents enjoyed going to museums and sightseeing in Paris, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Belgium, and even the Swiss Alps. KJN Klinedinst and Master Kearns were also reccognized as founding members of the Worldwide Tang Soo Do Family. Go to media section to see more pictures

UTA Karate Manchester students receive New Black belts
students from UTA Karate Manchester, in York County recently received new black belt promotions. Students receiving first dan promotion are, Garrett Sommer, Austin McQuaide, Robbie Bottomley, Krista Ruppert. Students receiving second dan, Nick Leister

 UTA Karate Masters Meet in Dalton for Masters Summit
Masters from UTA Karate gather to train on UTA curriculum and various other aspects of martial arts. Highlights included, Master Rickard polishing technique on New Dan staff form, KJN Klinedinst teaching Sinwalli boxing drills that increased reaction time and hand speed, and KJN Steele teaching cane techniques. The Kodanja also did review on the senior Dan forms including Yuk Ro hyung. A great time was had by all.

Katie Keefe wins sparring grand champion at Delaware State Championships  

UTA Karate Manchester students receive 1st place in Halloween Parade. Congrats! You did an awesome job!

USA Olympic Tae Kwon Do gold medalist visits Manchester PA and trains UTA Karate students
Go to the media section to see photos from this event


16 UTA Karate students receive new Black Belt ranks at Manchester tournament on October 27, 2007
Go to the media section to see photos from the tournament

UTA Karate Students perform in front of over 5000 spectators at Soverign Bank Stadium and receive standing ovation

Manchester students break 1200 boards for St. Judes in 100 degree heat
Students from UTA Karate Manchester recently broke 1200 boards in a little over 2 1/2 hours. The students broke the boards as part of a fundraiser for the St. Judes Children Hospital.  UTA Karate Manchester has raised over $15,000 for the hospital in the past year and a half.  GREAT JOB!

Manchester  UTA Destroyers Jr. team goes undefeted 6-0 in team
sparring at the On The Line tournament to claim Gold

Manchester Grand Champs

Recently Katie Keefe  received grand champion awards for breaking and weapons and Nathan Werth received grand champion award for sparring, Congrats!